ADSL Software Setup

There are two general types of ADSL account:

PPPoE - the router or computer sends us a username and password to get on the Internet.  Your IP address can change about every twelve hours.

Static IP - the router or computer is told its IP address and supporting information.  It always has the same IP address.

There are two general types of ADSL modem:

Simple bridge - the DSL modem merely converts the ADSL signal which comes in off the phone line into Ethernet which your computer or router can understand.  These modems require no setup, but the computer or router behind them does.

ADSL modem with built in router - If you borrow one of these from Cactus, we have normally set it up before you pick it up.  The username and password (which is the same as the wireless SSID and security key if it is a wireless router) are on a tag on the bottom of the modem/router.  DO NOT PUSH THE RESET BUTTON UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO BY OUR TECHNICIAN!  If you push the reset button, the modem/router must be reprogrammed.

If you need help programming your router or computer for either PPPoE or a static IP address, please phone us.  208 883 5500 or 800 310 5554.