Generic FTP Instructions

Using FTP with Windows Explorer on XP

First, create an FTP folder on your computer.  There are many ways to do this - here is one:

  1. Go to Start, and click on My Computer (or My Computer may be on your desktop - double-click on it)
  2. Double-click on My Network Places
  3. Click on Add a network place.  (If you don't see Add a network place, click the Folders icon above - it toggles the menu panel at the left).
  4. Next
  5. Choose another network location, next
  6. Internet or network address: or
  7. Un-check log on anonymously and enter your username in the box.  Next.
  8. As a name, type or, etc.

You will now be able to copy files into this folder.  If you copy them while you are connected to the Internet, they will appear on your web site.

If you have a web site named and copy a photo named picturename.jpg into it, you could email people the address of the photo, instead of the photo.  The address for this example would be