How to disable Privacy / Mac address randomization

Our Instant Access system requires that users' devices sign in, to make sure they are authorized. It identifies each device by its MAC address (machine address). If your computer is asked to sign up repeatedly, it is probably because it's changing MAC addresses. Solve this problem by turning off the privacy setting as follows:

Windows 10

  1. Click the Start button (lower-left corner of screen)
  2. Click Settings,
  3. Network & Internet
  4. Wi-Fi 

Disable "Use random hardware addresses"


Google Android 11

  1. Connect to the network
  2. Open Settings app
  3. Network and Internet (this might be under WLAN or WiFi or Network)
  4. Tap the gear icon beside the WiFi network name.
  5. Advanced
  6. Privacy
  7. "Use device MAC"


Apple iOS/iPadOS 14 / iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Tap the  i  button
  4. Disable "Private Address"