Web Hosting

Over the 15 years or so that we've been doing web hosting, a lot has changed.  We still support FTP, and FrontPage on some of our web servers.  We also support some excellent web content management programs.  In general, these programs make it so anyone who can do word processing with photos can, with a little help and experience, create a modern, professional-looking web site.

For instance, MojoPortal will create your menus for you, will upload your photos for you, and allows you to cut and paste from your old web site into its pages.  Most links and tables arrive intact - they don't have to be re-created in the new site.  Once a MojoPortal site is created, anyone who knows the username and password can tweak it to change a phone number here, or an address there.  Very maintainable!

MojoPortal also allows you to insert fully functional calendars, blogs, contact forms, maps, slide shows and much more.  And the price is right - see the Web Domain menu item for details.