Setting up PPPoE on Mac OSX before 10.5


Step 1

  • Click the Apple icon.

  • Choose System Preferences


Step 2

  • Click Network


Step 3

  • Pull down the Location list

  • Choose: New Location


Step 4


  • Type a name for your new location, such as: Cactus

  • Click OK.


Step 5


  • Choose Buit-in Ethernet under Show.


Step 6


  • Click the PPPoE tab.  The Service Provider is TurboNet.

  • In the Account Name: field type your username.

  • In the password field fill
    your password

  • Click Apply Now.


Step 7


  • Click the TCP/IP tab.

  • Choose Using PPP under Configure.

  • Type and  in the field: DNS Servers:.

  • Type in the field: Search Domains:.

  • Click the button: Apply Now.



Step 8




  • Click the network icon from the top-right corner of the your screen.

  • Click Connect.


To remove PPPoe Mac OS10 .4:

  1. Under the Apple, go to Network Preferences
  2. Click the Network icon
  3. Show either "Built-in Ethernet" or "Airport"
  4. Click the TCP/IP tab
  5. "Configure IPv4:  Using DHCP"